Nearing the End
Day One of January


Have you seen any of Cara's Jaywalker Updates ? Grrl, there are tons of knitters making this sock!  Cara has made 10 socks! 5 pair..since mid-October. Not only do her socks ROCK, but she does, too!

WhatihadforlunchMy JWs have grown very little.  Tuesday after a hiatus of...well, three weeks, I reaquianted myself with them, again. This is what I had for lunch. It felt so good to be knitting a sock while listening to music.  I missed my knitting over the Holiday as we were just too busy with family. This weekend we'll make up for it, however.

I don't sleep in even when given the chance, so I'll be up early today, knitting, sipping some coffee and having a treat before we decide just what we want to do (and I might check a blog or two). 

Ah, it's going to be a nice, relaxing weekend.  Enjoy yours!!


Your Jaywalker is looking good. I'll get back to mine once I finish making a couple of more hats.

I'm looking forward to this weekend as well. You have a good one too.

I was just going to say "those are my colors" and then realized that maybe they're yours too! ;-) Have a relaxing long weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend! The jaywalkers look bright enough to keep your attention.

The socks are fun and I think you'll like them *this* time. Enjoy your long weekend, whatever you guys end up doing. I'll be thinking about you when I'm counting up my year's worth of blessings. Your friendship means so much to me. Thanks for all of it, Margene. Happy New Year!

I'm not a sleeper, either. Why sleep when you could knit?

The jaywalkers look lovely - enjoy!

Thanks for the update M! They look great. (Don't tell anyone, but last night, at about midnight, I cast on for pair #6. I needed some comfort knitting after my *ahem* spinning debut yesterday!)

I wish you a fun, relaxing, knitty weekend! Happy NEW YEAR!

Have a great weekend! The sock looks great, love the colors.

Have a relaxing weekend!

I love those socks and cannot wait until I get better at knitting socks to make them. Your are coming out great. Have a wonderful weekend!


Pretty Jaywalkers! I started mine late last night (too late for the update) -- with the kids home I'm doing my best knitting in the wee hours these days.

Enjoy your weekend!

Those are great colors.

Your jaywalker looks great. I'm trying, but am having gauge problems (sigh). If I have to tear it out a third time, I'm quitting!

I hesitate to ask, but when do you sleep? You posted at 2 am and you aren't going to sleep in? The sock looks great - I love the colors. And look at that iPod! Have a wonderful weekend.

Happy New Year to you - enjoy your 4 days of relaxation! Sounds great!

They're looking great, Margene! Have a wonderful weekend, and best wishes for a fabulous new year.

Sleep in the morning? what's that :)
I hope you have a great weekend and a happy new year.

I love the colors! I think I'm going to bow to the pressure and start a pair today...we'll have to see how the grocery shopping goes. We are inundated with skiers who don't stay on the slopes like they're supposed to so errands are taking twice as long to get accomplished ;o)

Happy New Year, Margene! I love ya.

Have a wonderful weekend and a happy New Year!

Same from here, Margene. Enjoy the New Year, and zen on those jaywalkers, 'kay? bises.

Hi Margene!

I was visiting family in SLC and made several trips to Black Sheep Wool...FUN!! Couldn't believe how warm and sunny the week was...Thanks for sharing all your amazing projects this year...You inspire me to be a better knitter :-)

Happy Knitting in 2006!!

I love that colorway for your Jaywalkers!

Happy New Year, Margene!

What?! You are still up at 2AM so you can blog?! I am amazed, even being an early riser, I DO love sleep, especially when it has been raining so much. However, you have inspired me to plan on knitting first thing in the morning; be thinking of you:)

Love the colorway on your jaywalkers!

Love the socks!!

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