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Oh Caaarrrra!!

Messing Up Again

DFS is still awaiting her time while she sits in the corner.  Will loneliness help her to behave or will she just become bitter.  Sadly, she is not the only knit giving me fits.

  • Grrlfriend Gloves*~ Just two fingers shy of the finish. Again the goddess is smiling for Peaceful Palms.
  • Brier ~ Body finished, two half sleeves finished, second part of sleeve started, frogged, and now in the reknit stage.  The goddess frowned due to my lack of attention.


Before starting to knit a project from a book, it is usual for me to make copies.  Copies are more portable than any book, they can be marked up without worry and enlarged, if need be.  However, this practice has let me down twice in the last few months. 

First, the shaded purl stitches didn’t show up on the copy of Birch Leaf Socks.  The socks turned out OK but, did not look like the pattern. This time it is the size of the Rowan book which made it hard to copy.  The bottom of the page was cut off, as well as the left side.  This led to a mistake in decreases on the back (fudged and left as they were) and, the biggest problem, lack of increases on the second half sleeve.  (The sleeves are knit in two pieces with a seam down the back, just as the back of the sweater has a seam.)

There is a lesson in all of this that I have yet to learn. Check the copies BEFORE beginning to knit, make corrections to charts (as in shaded stitches) and mark any section of the pattern WELL if it has been cut off and printed on a second page.  Because I used a light yellow marker to make an arrow, which should have told me that the instructions continued on the next page, it was too light to be noticed. The sleeve was knit to the armscye without increases.  20 inches!!  Two days work! The yarn winder made the frogging quick and less painful.

The knitting had gone so well, in the beginning, and it looked like Brier would be finished, washed,  seamed this week, and ready for a photo shoot on the weekend.  Ah, the best laid plans…hubris? 

The gloves, (thank goddess), continue apace.

Susan and I will be attending SOAR today.  It’s doubtful there will be time to make up a post for tomorrow. Expect a full report next week.

Enjoy your weekend!!

*Norma, I thought about calling them Sisterhood Gloves (after the movie "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"), but 'sister' has a different connotation in these parts. Mormon's call each other 'Sister' and 'Brother' and Polygamists wives call each other "Sister-Wives".  'Sister', in reference to people, other than siblings, gives me the willies. 


Have a great time. Sorry to read about the knitting woes. But lots of good knitting happening too. :) I forgot about that Mormon (nearly wrote Norman) practice of calling one another Sister and Brother. My best friend in AK was a recovering Mormon. And I like the new blue on the sides. Bright and happy.

I guess Brier is teaching you that it's the process, huh? Not that I'm throwing your words back at you. I would NEVAH do such a thing. ;-)
Have a great time at SOAR!

Ewwww, ok. Grrlfriend Gloves it is, then. Hee.

Have a wonderful time at SOAR. You may be gone already by the time you get this, but have a good time anyway. I doubt it could be any other way....

Get lots of good stuff at SOAR. I was glancing through ads in a magazine last night and so many said "visit us at SOAR" or some variation of that. Oh, the shopping to be had!

Bummer!!! Thanks for sharing though....I usually make photocopies as well. Now I will check them more carefully before knitting.

I'm sure a day at SOAR will make up for all of the knitting woes. Get some good STR! Can't wait to read about it.

Sister-wives? Gag!

Have a terrific day at SOAR!

I've also had woes with copies. I guess we can never check and double check enough, eh? ;)

The copy issue is just the sort of thing that I do. It all looks great. Have a great time at SOAR.

I wasted more paper copying a pattern from one of those Rowan mags.... Damn oversized pages!

Have a great day at SOAR. I'll be thinking of you. And wondering. And waiting. (And shopping with you I hope!)

Ohhhhhh....... have fun at SOAR. How lucky you are to have it in your backyard. And say hi to Marcia (Spinnerella) from me!

Yeah, "sisiter-wives" gives me the willies, too. And "Girlfried Gloves" is more alliterative anyway. Brier will be finished eventually, fear not!

Have a great time at SOAR!

Have a great time at Soar :).

A good point on the copy front. I have never thought to check I have the whole thing. So far it has been alright but as you say so has yours ...

when i worked at the packageing plant; many of the peoples there were immigrants from various African countries. They use the term "sister-wife" for many or our female relationships. like your brothers wife or your cousins girlfriend. yikes...
that means you'd have to know her to know her relationship to you. jeeze
one of the things i look for when i shop for knitting books is if they can be easily copied. you'd think "they' i.e. publishers would think of that before "they" publish. look at Stahman's scarves and shawls. her pages xerox perfectly.

You'll have better luck (at least with making sure no chart rows vanish) if your copier has an "A4" setting. Of course, the one in my office doesn't...

I also making working copies that I can beat up and carry around. In the case of Rowan patters, I always reduce the copy size so I can fit the whole page on an 8 1/2" x 11" page - makes for smaller words, but nothing gets cut off!

Some of those knits just do not want to cooperate (Brier and DFS), that's okay, at least the mittens and gloves are making for good knits, right?

That whole sister-wife thing is really giving me the creeps! Have fun at SOAR!

Yah the photocopy does that to me sometimes too. At least you found out before completing the whole sleeve. Gilrfriend gloves is looking good.

You could start a whole new blog named "KnitFits." Haven't we all been there!

You know, that one finger kinda creeps me out.

Have fun at SOAR!!! Bring back lots of (yarn &) pictures!

Ah the perils of photocopying...I know them well...it took me a couple of tries before I realized that I needed to actually pay attention to what I was doing :o\

Hope you had a great time at SOAR!

Well, I don't feel so alone in my mistakes... sheesh! I hope your Brier is back on track, as I love the color and can't wait to see a photo. Hope you had a great time at SOAR.

What Beth said about the "A4" setting is right...and if you don't have one, try setting the copier for 92% of original size. It doesn't take much to squeeze an A4 page onto an 8 1/2 x 11.
Judy (who works with stuff in European formats WAAAY too much!)

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