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October 20, 2005


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Those gloves are gorgeous! Must get that book!

The gloves are goregous. You are such a good KALer!

All the wonderful KALs popping up on the web ... I'm especially pleased because socks and mittens were on my to-knit list anyway. Now I get to make them with friends! Much better.

I've been admiring Merkje's gloves ever since I got my copy of "Folk Knitting in Estonia" -- they're a bit down in the queue at the moment, but I'm hoping to get to them this year.

If the exact Koigu you were hoping for was there all along, it was Meant To Be. :)

I'm not so great at doing gloves without lots of holes around the bases of the fingers so I'll be mittening along with you.

That cream colored koigu is just dreamy! What a lovely pattern. I'm thinking that I may just join both of those KAL's as well. It has been a long time since I have joined one. ;-)

I'm new to the wonderful world of Nancy Bush, but so far, I don't think it's possible to get sick of hearing about someone like her. Really. Beautiful socks and mittens, and I can't wait to see the Estonian mitten you're talking about.

""Since I working on my declutter project the title spoke to me and I ordered it""

i love knitters, we make me laugh. i understand completely dear, let me go on sweeping away. LOL
there is a pair of gloves in A Gathering of Lace with design on the fingers and thumb like that too. is it nancy bush? my books are still in florida.

You're not the only one who can literally go shopping in her stash! Crazy!

Those gloves are gorgeous btw. I can't believe they never caught my eye. Yet another book to add to the wishlist!

A girl has got to have a little fun now and again, don't you think?

I don't get sick of hearing about NB, ever. Gloves, socks, mittens.... there isn't enough time!

I'll be looking forward to seeing those beautiful gloves take shape. I only have a mini-stash, so I'm quite jealous that you're able to just pull out such great yarn from some closet or cupboard.

Merkje's gloves are gorgeous. It is fun to rummage in the stash and find hidden treasure :)

Those gloves will be lovely!

Those gloves are beautiful! What a wonderful knit! So glad the Koigu was in the stash - it is perfect.

Have fun! I'm going to make some mittens myself. I think. After the 18,456 pairs of socks I need to knit.

Gloves don't excite me but mittens are awesome. Especially Estonian mittens -which I'm not skilled enough to make. I'll look forward to admiring yours, though!

Those are stunning gloves...perfect with the Koigu. Lucky lady :-)

So many KAL's...so little time. I keep trying to figure out how I can do them all. Getting a surprise in the stash? I never heard of such a thing - hahahahaha!
(oooh a handbasket...where are we going?)

Sick of hearing about Nancy Bush....NEVER! Especially after taking a class with her...can't wait to see her again! As soon as I get back from Utah, I have to start thinking of gift knitting...those gloves would be perfect for my aunt!

What I love about Nancy is that my tolerance for 'fiddly' in knitting patterns must exactly match hers. There's enough going on to be interesting but it never seems tedious to me.

Ellen in Ky

Those are going to be splendid!

I could never, ever get tired of hearing about Nancy Bush. So sing on. :-)

The website doesn't show all products that are in the latest version of her print catalogue, though. For instance, there are cool Sanquhar gloves and Estonian mitten books in the catalogue, but no trace of them online. I wonder why?

Must...resist...urge...to...knit...beautiful...gloves! GAH! I'm so impressionable!

Why, why, why did you show me that pattern! It's not like I need another book, I have over 200 books. It's really not fair! But how can I resist. Oh I must resist. Okay I'll wait till tomorrow and if I'm still in love, maybe I'll order it.

Oh by the way, love the socks.

wow, gorgeous gloves!! you choose really pretty patterns for socks and gloves!

Is the sock pattern that you are making the Child's French Sock from the new Nancy Bush book? I love the color and the pattern that you are using.

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