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October 11, 2005


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I was wondering where Soctober had originated. I have signed up ( of course!)
Thanks for the info on the new book by Nancy I was wondering whether to buy it but I now think that is a no brainer:-)

We of the East are envious of your Western superstars. Nancy Bush! Knitting for her book! I need to lay me down for a spell.

great info on the book. my copy is on its way from the us right now - can't wait!

btw, gorgeous colour on that sock yarn!

I bought the book in Vermont when I was with Norma because you knit some of the socks. I knew I had to have another Nancy Bush sock book and having the connection with you makes it even better!
Off to visit birdsong!

Thanks for telling us about Nancy and her new book. I fell in love with her patterns after knitting Ene's scarf from Scarf Style. I've made a few of her sock patterns and the new book is on order. Currently OTN by Nancy Bush: Madli's Shawl and my second Estonian Scarf. How exiting for you to knit some of the socks for the book! She is very talented!

I ordered the book yesterday - and I want YOU to sign it! On the socks that you knit!

Very cool, Margene, very cool.

How very cool and a wonderful honor!

That is so great that you were able to make that contribution, Margene. I can't wait to see the book!

Thanks for joining Socktoberfest! I can't wait to see the socks--the yarn sure is lovely :)

I'm working Nancy's "Fancy Silk Sock" from that book for Lolly's Socktoberfest and I love it! Come to think of it, my first pair was one of Nancy's patterns, too.

Oooh, looks like a great time was had by all. Just coming by your blog puts me in a sock mood.

I was confused by the sock titles - at first glance I thought almost all the socks were for children! I was glad I read the fine print, because there are many lovely patterns. I am finishing up Nancy's Cable and Ribs from Interweave and am noticing they seem to be on the small side, just like my Conwy's were (lucky for my mom, who ends up with these tiny socks for her tiny feet).

oh... so envious!! nancy bush is like my hero in sock knitting!!! i am so drooling over her new book. what a great experience to knit for nancy's book!!

Wow. Your review and information about the contents of the book SEALS the deal for me and I will be purchasing this book! I work in a yarn store and haven't even looked past the cover of this book, but now I have to own it!

That's SO cool to knit for Nancy Bush!! Thanks for sharing the picture!

Wow. You got to knit socks for Nancy? That's very cool. Most of the socks I've knit so far have been Nancy's patterns so I'm more than a bit envious. :)

Ok. I'm sick with envy. And I need to knit those socks (you're so mean, you *knew* I was thinking of knitting those socks but wasn't sure of the yarn, and you're doing it to tease me - its all about me).

You know, I wasn't planning on buying that book yet...

The Child's French Sock. Well, damn. Now I have to have the book.

No, no, no, Cassie, it's all about ME ;-)))

I am going to get that book :)...must have it.

Oh, I need to paypal you some money for her new book, don't I? Are you credited as a test knitter in the book? Will we see your name in prints, so that we can say we knew you when?

Looks like you had a wonderful weekend all around.

I'm so glad you pointed out that the French Child's Sock is not a child's sock, but will fit a woman. I did not know that, and I bypassed it in the book because of that. Now I will make it. I joined Socktoberfest too. Imagine that!

Six pairs of socks for the book (wow!) -- you are very quick, Margene!! Great post, great picture.

Looks like fun was had by all--what a great way to spend a Saturday. I ordered the book and I'm still waiting for it to come in. I actually joined Socktoberfest yesterday after seeing the link here :) As usual you are a wealth of information and inspiration--thanks :)

Now I'm looking forward to this book even more. What a great story Margene!

How exciting! I definitely need that book now...especially since you contributed! You rock girl;)

Pooh! I am sorry I missed it. Out-of-town guest plans conspired against me. I love Nancy's patterns, so I think I'm going to have to get a copy for myself too!

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