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September 01, 2005


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Excellent! I am emailing to the address you gave with my offer of a prize . . .

Lovely, Margene. Thank you.


What a wonderful idea...you're right, I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like for people there. Take care today.

I'm sure that Doctor's Without Borders will also be involved for those of you who are commited to that charity. You are right, we will all be paying the price.

thanks, Margene. this is a wonderful idea.

Thanks for getting this started. I know knitters will do our part to help.

Good idea - I'll probe the stash and I bet I can come up with a prize.

Thanks for organizing this.

Excellent Margene - I'm sending off my email as we speak. The devestation is incomprehensible.

Wonderful idea. I'll survey the stash over the weekend to see what I can come up with for a prize.

Thank you Margene and Susan!!!! I had thought of something like this yesterday when I posted my post, but I don't have the reach of readers that you or Stephanie have. I have such a burden for our Southern friends......it just breaks my heart to watch what is happening down South.

Thank you again!!!!

Hey there Margene,
Great minds and all that. I put a small prize up on my blog this morning ala the Harlot also.

Great idea. Thanks to you and Susan for organizing this.

Atta girl.

Excellent idea, Margene. I'm astounded by the sheer devastation of the region, and the unfolding humanitarian crisis. I've already given my dollars to Second Harvest, but I know that knitters will do amazing things for the Red Cross.

Great idea Margene, thanks to you and Susan. My family visited New Orleans two years ago, it was very charming. The loss is unimaginable.

What a great idea Margene. My heart is broken hearing of the devastation in Louisiana, it's my home state, although I'm not from New Orleans. I'll link to your post as wel as find something in stash to send as a prize. I'm going to put some things up on Ebay and will donate some of the money then to the Red Cross.

Margene, I have put up some auctions on eBay and I am also looking in my stash for some prizes.
Thank you for arranging this relief effort.

Mahalo from the bottom of my heart. Louis Armstrong wrote a lovely jazz tune called "Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?" Can't seem to get it out of my head.

I've been making small donations since Monday, and encouraging those who read my blog to do the same, but I'm glad somebody is willing to keep track! Knitters are such generous people. Thank you for doing this!

Wonderful idea, Margene. Red Cross site is super slow right now (a good sign, I hope, that their servers are flooded with donations. Will let you know when I've been able to get in to donate, and will certainly be contributing a prize or two.

Thank you for organizing this.

Great idea! I've been meaning to donate and this got me into action -- Thanks!

Awesome margene...Thank you.

Thank you for organizing this. I've made my donations (Red Cross and Best Friends), and will check my stash tonight for a prize.

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