Last Summer Weekend
From the Process to the Pit

Hanging Vines Hanging At the Lake

With a walking stick in one hand and Hanging Vines in the other, I hiked up to Willow Heights Lake.  It was very important to find a unique place to show off a finished object as beautiful as this Hanging Vines stole. The afterglow of knitting such a beautiful piece, and of the hike up to this incredible place, is still with me.  They both feel like a gift, both were experiences I'll not forget and both will be in my life for years to come.


Doingahalfclaudiawiththestole Hangingvineslayingaroundthelake Prayingtotheknittinggoddessatthelake
Takingawalkwiththestole Ahugfromhangingvines_1

CloseupofthestolehangvinesHanging Vines Stole by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer
Yarn-merino/silk single, dyed and spun by Judy (Smatterings), color Peony. 1050 yds appx.
Size 8 needles (Addi's 32")
Size: 82" x 28"
Time to knit: July 17-September 15, 2005
Every stitch was a joy, a meditation, the embodiment of the process. The end is bittersweet, as I could happily continue to knit with such lovely yarn and an interesting pattern.



That is a GREAT stole. May have to add it to my to-knit list. Think it would work with Misti Alpaca, or would it be too thin?

Beautiful stole, Margene. That's exactly the sort of knitting I enjoy the most. :-)

Hi Margene.. beautiful shawl.. and the setting is stunning too! :-) karola

Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about! I want rectangles. I must do this stole.

It's beautiful, and the setting matches it.

's beautiful....

Either I'm weeping with JOY over the Beauty of your shawl OR I'm weeping with ENVY over the Beauty of the Shawl + the Scenery!


YOU, Your Shawl, Mothha Nature...


It is just beautiful Margene! And so are you wearing it!

Beautiful stole and great setting and photos!

I'm glad I didn't make you walk the plank. Gorgeous! :)

just gorgeous! WONDERFUL pictures! they should make knitting postcard outta those pics.

It's beautiful Margene. Just beautiful and easy to see why it was such a joy to knit. Love those colors too!

Beautiful shawl! Wonderful pictures!

What a wonderful weekend!! I love the shawl! Did you use Judy's DK weight or slightly heavier than lace weight? I love the colors she's using. I had forgotten she sold yarn (shaking my head).

Beautiful!! Beautiful!! Beautiful!!

Everything about this post takes my breath away...the beautiful lake, the stunning shawl and your lovely smile! Perfection!

It turned out lovely. Such an accomplishment.

Great pictures, Margene - you're right it is the PERFECT spot for such a fabulous knit! It is truly lovely.

And I'll add mine to the long list too...divine!

Wow. Nothing else to say, wow.

Gorgeous wrap! and love the color! A true feeling comes through with the lake setting in the background. Nice job.

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