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August 01, 2005


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It really does feel wrong to ski past 15000 sq foot mansions next to a ski trail. The socks are great. I assume that is Margene x 2 in the picture?

I *love* the four-footed photo...beautiful socks!

I forgot about the socks that were 2 big. You are 2 cute Margene. :)

Wow.....you made 4 of the same socks....I am impressed! I guess I had better start working on my mates, expecially since July was supposed to be "mate month" here...:-)

Love the new sock! Lucky sock pal, lucky Margene.
And your Monday Morning in Margene's World is the highlight of my week....breathtaking as always!

For a minute there, I thought you'd grown extra legs, Margene. It's good to see you're just knitting for more feet than you actually have.

Your photos are always so lovely. Next year, perhaps, I will go westward for vacation.

Many feet make a great picture! :) how great that you get a pair too!
Love your mountains!

Now I know why you're always knitting socks! You've got FOUR FEET! Both pairs are gorgeous. Your sock pal will be very happy.

You'll be so proud of me. What did I do this weekend? Cast on another pair of socks. Can't have to many, can we?

You are so amazingly fast! I need to get started on my pal's socks...maybe tonight.

I know what you mean about those pristine areas being turned into playgrounds for the R&F. We just saw some new megamansions on the ocean that were built as "summer homes". Kind of makes you just shake your head in dismay.

I love those socks and I'm excited to knit that pattern in the knit on the road along. I'm looking forward to knitting with the Mountain Colors weavers wool too. Lovely pictures and have a great Monday.

Love the double footed photo. You're amazingly fast!

I've had that same experience, with the building up, in an area of PA I've been going to since I was a little girl. It always depresses me.

What a fabulous idea - one for you and one for your sock pal. You really do churn those knits out fast!

What a great picture! I love the socks - the colors are beautiful. I can't wait to try that pattern.

I love the mountains. So, why do I live in the flatlands? Thanks for the pictures.

I love the socks! I finally started the Traveler's Stockings last night. Well, restarted. I started them on Thursday on a size 1 needle and they looked kinda huge, so I went to the recommended 0s. Koigu tends to bloom, no? I'm loving them, and since I originally wanted these for myself, I will be making another pair for sure.

I agree. It sucks that they paved that road.

Four finished socks at one go! Yeah!

Jimminy Cricket! Slow down, you're making the rest of us look bad.

What a great photo. Your sockpal will be quite lucky.

Great socks and such a sweet idea to make a pair for your pal and for you and that you'll always think of them when wearing yours.

Oh, we tried the coconut-lime sorbet last night, also excellent!

Who's your second foot model? Is it Smith? If so, kudos to him, I don't think I could get my man to pose in pink socks for anything...

We have a lot of level 6+ roads here - that means unmaintained. I love them. Have to drive slow - slow enough to listen to the hummingbirds zipping by - slow enough to smell the firs and aspens - slow enough to see the deer. We don't go to the ski towns (Steamboat Spgs, Winter Park) or into Estes Park much. The unbeaten dirt path is perfect. Need to take pictures, I know.

Oh i so love that pattern, I keep wondering if it's look good in my Opal Rainforest Parrot colorway, I guesst he only way to find out is give it a try!

Wow, those are cute--you have a lucky pal! That sure was fast :)

Those are great and you must knit at warp speed to get two pairs done so quickly! Your pal will love them, I know I do!

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