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Onelasttulip_1Mountainspledoronwednesday_1 I finally had a few minutes to walk around and find some flowers for Chelsea.  This is the last of the tulips.  The lilacs are gone and the Iris have yet to bloom, unless you're in the low lands where Anne lives.  She already has an incredible iris!  Yesterday we had the most beautiful day. All that snow in the mountains will bemelting and finding its way to the GSL in the next couple of weeks.  After seeing that view during the last few years of drought it is easy to tell there is a hell of a lot of snow to come down. 

ChinesenbttopProgress in the process of knitting continues. Intarsia isn’t a favorite technique of mine but I thought I could ‘bite the bullet’ and do the little bit needed for the NBT. My choice of design to adorn the front was the Chinese character for Love from the recent Knitty.  It’s working up beautifully!  It was been a challenge, at times, to make sure the holes were plugged where the colors changed. The few problems that did occur were easily fixed.  (I just sewed up the damn holes from the back. No one will ever know!)

This is my first time knitting with Rowan Calmer and it took some getting used to as there is some stretch to it.  Now I'm going to want all my cotton to have this 'give'. The pattern  might be a bit 'clingier' than I’m used to but I do think it will look fine. At least I keep telling myself that, having learned my lesson with Chamomile and other past knits.  I must be conscious of size and fit and so far NBT is looking good...feeling good.  If you never see it again…you’ll know it didn’t work out as I imagined.

There will be a couple of balls of Calmer left over, but instead of sticking them back into the stash I can make socks like Christina’s.

I added La’s Stashbuster button to my blog as the last few knits have come directly from MY STASH!  The Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere for the Eyelet Cardi, handspun yarn for the Spearfish Sock, Jo Sharp Soho Summer for the Garter top (pictures tomorrow), purple Saucyfor the Chickami, gray Zephyr for the languishing Faroese Shawl and the Calmer ALL came from my, now dwindling, stash.  Stashbusting is a 'good thing'.

Cara has created some of the most delightful, sheepiest sheep cards ever.  You can help her raise money for a Knitting Basket with your purchase.


Lovely tulip! The NBT looks amazing - what a wonderful idea to use the Chinese symbol. So hip too!

Thanks for the plug, by the way!

The tulip is a great shot. The intarsia really dresses up the T. Like it!

I have decided that you live in a time zone with a couple extra hours tacked on to each day... you knit so fast! What is your secret? Loving you NBT! Can't wait to see it finished :-)

NBT looks great. I love that character and your intarsia looks terrific to me!

I absolutely adore the design on your NBaT. Very cool! I can't wait to see it done!

Beautiful tulip photo.

The intarsia really is looking great! And it's really cool to have a Chinese word on your T.

You know, I've never really heard anyone say, "Gosh, I just love intarsia." Personally, I hate it, and most knitters I know have something of an aversion to it, or are at most indifferent. I wonder if there's some sort of big intarsia secret that, once you learn it, makes you like it more. Because someone must enjoy it, right?

Ooo, I like. I was actually toying witht he idea of using the same character. I was going to do another Natasket Basket in black with a red center and needle felt it in. As soon and I learn to do that.

The colors in the tulip are wonderful. I am in a pink mood right now and those colors are just right!

Does a dwindling stash mean you get to go out looking for new stash members? Hope so. Thanks for posting the lovely tulip... they have suffered here from the constant rain.

Great job with all that stashbusting!

The Chinese character looks fabulous -- I cannot wait to see your NBaT being worn! I'm totally hooked on the Calmer and cannot wait to finish my T. I'm on the sleeves and hope to finish soon.

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