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Saturday With Friends


This is what it looked like in SLC on Friday, gray and theatening.   And to make matters worse we had no  Internet at work ALL day?  Friday is a slow day anyway, but with no one around AND no on-line entertainment, you can bet is was a snore. It was a good thing that  I had Alice Munro's new book, Runaway, with me (and that is was a great read!).  It was THE most deadly dull day in a very long time as I didn't have a single blog to read or pal to email.   It was late when I came home from dinner and found loads of comments from many, many others of you who couldn't go to the land of bloggers and fibery goodness, MSWF.   Miss Julia had rallied the troups and  launched a plan to have everyone gather together and share what the few, the sad, who were left behind were doing while awaiting word from mecca.   

So here is what a Saturday is like at my place. Smith and I try to eat as well as we can during the week.  But, on Saturday morning (and Sunday) we have coffee and croissants in bed. (We have cookies after dinner, too.)  It's a real treat and a way to make the weekends special.  This is a quiet Saturday, as I don't have to teach my needlepoint class or do anything much, except make it to the gym.  That means a day to relax and knit and check out blogland, while spending some time with all of you. There is nothing quiet like hanging out with friends....dont' you think? 


Mmmm...now I want to head into town to pick up some croissants! Better make mine chocolate. :)

That sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate a weekend. Thanks for posting - I'll get mine up today.

That sounds like a fabulous way to kick off the weekend.

I'm not at MSW, so I'll be lounging, knitting, and cleaning. It may not be exciting, but it will be relaxing.

Rainy Saturday here in Rhode Island. Since I won't be at the MSW,I'll be making my own fun. Today I'll ply some singles to test swatch for my daughter's wedding stole. Of course,I'll finish my Opal Rodeo socks as well. We must not be too sad missing all the fun at MSW. Love your pic of SLC even if the weather is threatening.

Croissants - yummy!! Happy Saturday, Margene.

You're a woman after my own heart...I'll be picking up the croissants and pain au chocolat after little person's dance class...except I think I'll be eating mine while I work at the computer :-( However, pastis and a little afternoon snack will be served on the balcony. Who needs Maryland?


It's a gorgeous day here in Montréal, finally, so I will enjoy my day right where I am. Thanks for posting, Margene, and happy weekend!

Oooohhh. That sounds like fun. Can I join you guys? I'll bring the jam! ;)

We've been doing the special food treat on the weekends too. It's fun to look forward to it!

Our local Farmer's Market opens today, so I'll make a stop there before work.

Enjoy your day!

SLC's gray and threatening is MUCH more picturesque than New Haven. It's just gross here.

I'm thinking I'll make some croissants this afternoon ... That is, if it isn't sickly humid again. Can't do much baking when you're wilting.

No MSWF, but at least I've got the Guild. Off to try learning to spin!

Woo Hoo, Margene! Par-tay! I'm off to run errands, but check back with me later in the day. Not Bitter here in California, either.

You can see more of the mountains where you are. They are covered with clouds here in Layton. I hope to have something posted on my blog by the end of the day. Happy knitting :)

I'm not in MD, either, but I did score with some nice sale yarn from a local shop that's closing. So at least my stash is having a good day! Our weather cheered up, too--it didn't get too far above 60, but the sun came out in the afternoon and we didn't get as much rain as we could have, so that's something!

coffee and croissants sounds wonderful. love the picture of the mountains too.

I decided to post my Saturday night activity, instead of being bitter... thanks again for the Not In Maryland support...happy weekend :-)

Hey Margene, hello from the Happy Place!

Claudia can't resist the nose rubbing, even though it's only Saturday. Well, just for that. I'm posting tomorrow too! Pass me another croissant. . .

Ah, I'm not in Maryland either, and I just figured that I'd have a great weekend anyway. (Of course, I got a wheel for mother's day, but I'm sure that doesn't figure into it at all...) I've been thinking about your post from the other day (bitter), and contrary to the idea that it's not very zen to be bitter, if you think about it as just part of the balance, then it makes more sense. You can't be really happy about something unless you also can feel really bad about something in the same measure. So go kick something and self-medicate with chocolate! Yea, you!

I'm just bitter that I lived in Baltimore for 2 years prior to moving down here, and never knew MS&W existed while I was there. Darn, I'm a doofus. ;-)

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