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Once Upon A Time...

...in the far off land of Utah, there was a place that addicted knitters loved to visit. It was affectionately known as "The Haunted House". 


Norohiddeninthisroom It must have first opened in the 1950's and Mickey Burdett was the owner of the Knit Craft Cottage. After she pass on, her daughter took over and has touched nothing...only adding new items from time to time.  If you find an afghan that your grandmother started to knit, and never finished, or a piano bench your mother needlepointed and left with only 2" until completion....this is the place for you!  You might even find the same dye lot in stock and then you can finish the project.  Each and every room is stacked to the (very tall) ceilings with yarn, yarn and more yarn. Each room has a large center island of yarn that you have to navigate around, too. 


Pilespileseverywhere Saturday, Susan, Laurie, Emily and I left Salt Lake, took a quick side trip off the freeway for Larisa, and headed to Ogden, 40 miles to the north.  The Needlepoint Joint, which carries knitting and needlepoint, was our first stop.  After shopping for some time there, we took a little nourishment, and then headed to the wonderland or wonders.  Hidden treasures, such as Noro tucked into a cubby hole near the ceiling, were in every room. It was impossible to not hit overload, but we persevered.  Laurie and Emily came home with amazing stories that you better not miss and someone still has yarn in my trunk! It was a fabulous day with grrlfriends and we had a super good time.


oh what a great time. such a cute shop and so packed full of good stuff.

The Knit Craft Cottage is lovely ! I wish I could visit it in some day.

It sounds like a fairy tale to me.

Well written Margene, I agree with Judy...like a fairy tale. Looks like a wonderful day.

Looks like you all had a great day - what a fun place to visit!
Your spinning looks beautiful - great job.

I'm used the Monday photos of Utah's natural beauty, and I was expecting some mountain scenery today, but this was a pleasant and unexpected surprise. What a strange and wonderful shop!

does it shimmer in the mist like Shangrilla?

Who still has yarn in your trunk??? I want names!!

It's the end of the yarn rainbow! :)

Seeing all the yarn made me hyperventilate!!

Thanks for the great pictures, Margene. They're the wake-up call I need to get me to start controlling the stash now. Otherwise, I'm positive that's exactly what my house will look like in 20 years.

Where IS this place, Margene? Also in Ogden? I'm flying in on Saturday and may have to add it to my list of things I want to do! Six days, not much time for the alpaca farm, Needlepoint Joint, playing with granddaughter, going to Idaho to visit friend Shelley of www.mymountainhome.typepad.com (neat blog)and all the rest. By the way, if you're ever up in Park City for dinner, try the River Horse....my daughter-in-law sings and plays piano there!

What a cute little store! Sounds like a perfect day with friends.

'Stash diving' takes on a whole new connotation here. It looks like you could actually run and jump into the piles of yarn, like kids in freshly raked leaves!

I can tell from the looks of the place that they don't have a computer. That's a store after my own heart.

Sounds like a great expedition! And I love the look of that little house.

Ok, you're TAKING me there when I come! No questions asked. It's ok if there's yarn in the trunk, as long as there are no bodies...

I'm going to ask my fairy godmother to whisk me away to the Knit Craft Cottage in the far off land of Utah! What fun!

What a fun place!

It sounds like a dream... and look at Norma, she's ready to hop on a plane NOW!

I spent one night at a Holiday Inn in Ogden once, about 1979, but I fell in love and so want to go back someday.

Oh, and look at that! We're Zen... Thanks, Margene!

i'm absolutely green with envy! wish there were more than chain stores around here :(
how fun to get to go shopping with your knittin' buddies :)

There was a fabric store like that back in the 70's up near Providence (just south of Logan) or thereabouts. A big old house full to the rafters with bolts of fabric. Does Knit Craft take phone orders if you send them a check?

I had no idea such a place even existed! I will have to stop there next time I pass through Ogden. Which will possibly be tomorrow!

It sounds wonderful! Sounds like y'all had a great time.

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