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April 14, 2005


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I come to rely on your wisdom. Can't figure out yet why it still requires so much second-thought to not beat up on self. It's a work in progress...

I think we're all still works in progress. You're right, the tendency to beat oneself up is often strong, but best left undone.

I have found so many answers in blogland to questions I didn't even know I had!!

Thank you! ; )

Hey, happy to be of help.


I love finding new and useful information on blogs. Especially when I find something, and someone else can use it, or when someone else finds something I can use. It's nice to share.

Loving the 'Weekly Zen,' and I am all-too-guilty of the self-beating. I used to call it verbal self-flagellation, but that gets some strange lloks in the grocery store.

Sara, stop that verbal self-flagellation RIGHT now!

Need I say more?

thanks for the shout out Margene! you and I are on the same page today - I just posted about light-bulb moments!

It's totally true--some of my best knitting help comes from other bloggers who either comment on my blog when I have questions or post their own helpful info on their own blogs (which is much appreciated, as I am a beginner!). That "T" is a lovely color, by the way!

I love knitting bloggers. And love getting to learn from someone else's mistakes before I make my own.

And to pass the 'picot hem' chain along, I started knitting up the hem in my Dale sweater this evening, and am knitting both strands of the stich because of reading your blog. Which, of course, is not how I'd planned. Seridipity!

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