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Our community of bloggers began giving money as soon as they heard about the Tsunami.  It has been so heart warming to see the outpouring of donation for the victims. We can do so much as a group and your knitting can help, too. Buy the Kisses and Hugs sock pattern that Susan designed (all proceeds going to Oxfam) and buy a second (and third) pattern to give to a friend who knits.  You can read about  Stephanie's selfless gift of giving a pair of the most awesome mittens to one lucky person. She has an easy suggestion on how you can come up with the money to donate. Many other blogs have links to organizations to which you can give.

A Salt Lake family (link to newspaper article) was on vacation in Thailand when the Tsunami struck.  Kali Breisch (15) and her brother Jai (16) were swept away.  Jai survived but was badly injured. He is expected to make a full recovery.  Kali was lost until yesterday.  Her sister and father found her picture on a bulletin board in a make shift morgue, that they were checking for the last time, before leaving to come back to Utah.  There is a fund being set up for donations to be made in her name and all proceeds will go to help other Tsunami victims.  While I didn't know this young woman it does hit close to home. 



I know. We've already donated once, but unfortunately the size of the devastation is such that there will be the opportunity to keep giving. I think we should all keep that in our minds. If you can't give much now, your help will still be needed in a month, and two months, and three...

We've donated once too but I hope to raise money next week during my sale on the website. It's so incredible what people are doing to help.

Margene - you are right, this community has been wonderfully giving in this horrible time. How sad to feel the events hit so close to home. I am thankful that my family is able to donate to help out in some, however small it may be in the grand scheme, way. Makes you really look around at your good fortune doesn't it?

The devastation is overwhelming. The 5th graders at Gracie's school are raising money for the disaster relief. When I lived in Alaska, there was a tsunami alarm test everyday at noon. The reality of it is so hard to comprehend...

I still feel this is just an unimaginable tragedy and that even with the reports there is just no way that we can really understand or comprehend how horrible it really is. I think personal stories bring it home though, and hopefully reminding each other will keep us focused on helping. This family is in my prayers.

Drop by drop a stream becomes a river. The effects of this event are closer to home than many of us realize.

Margene, I'll use your comments to thank everyone who has already purchased my pattern. The pattern is only $5.00, but the $$ are adding up.
The poor Utah teen who died, went to the high school my son will attend next year. A group of kids at the school are selling blue (school color) rubber bracelets (similar to the "LiveStrong" bracelet) and raised $1,800 the first day for the relief efforts. Way to go Utah high school kids!!

So sad. I believe I just read about that family in People magazine. My husband and I were just talking about how incomprehensible this whole tragedy is.

I was going to say something like Teresa said, but she said it better... and Nathania too. Off to figure out how to donate more.

I saw the story on tv, and it was heartbreaking to see them discover their missing sister/daugter. I'm also really outraged to hear several of the conservative shouters on AM radio fulminating the idea that money should not be given to tsunami victim relief. This isn't about politics, it's about human beings. Those radio guys are such idiots - too bad so many seem to fall under their spell. Me, I'm going to give even more.

The guy who runs FatPipe here in Salt Lake City was an early supporter of our school and now is collecting $$ to buy a new fishing boat for his hometown, devastated by the tsunami. Our students can really get behind something as tangible as this effort, and collected $120 in about 5 minutes.

One good thing to come of all this sadness. . .people coming together to help others.

Thanks for the link to the sock pattern, Margene. I'm so behind in my blog reading. Though we've already donated, what's five more dollars? Great people in the knitting world.

I saw the television story about them it does break your heart to lose any children - or siblings.. my mom also lost a friend from Germany that was there on vacation - and on the same day my grandmother (her mom)passed away too in Germany so they headed back sadly the funeral won't bee till next monday as there was quite a bit of death in Mannheim this past holiday time.. i wish i could be there with my parents .. i will truly miss my 95 year old grandmother and wish that everyone could live such a long life! hugs karola

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