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When Kate’s  Clapotis came out in the fall issue of Knitty it really caught my eye as something that would be fun to knit.  When JuliaFC started her Clapotis Knit Along there were just too many things on my needles to start another project.  But, there have been so many fabulous Clapotis showing up around the blogs that  it has become hard to resist.  Add to that Cari's inspirational and very creative post and knitting Clapotis has become a priority!!   The YNBA will be in effect for another 60 days!  I  The yarn for this imaginative scarf will be first on my list to purchase and it will be my reward for sticking it out.  I WILL, I will, I will.   (I'm also having a little 'boot envy' since Laurie bought her beauties.  I LOVE the pink and turquoise pair she pictures but I will be Zen). 

HatsforlisaLast week was a time of reflection for me, so spending my knitting time on hats for Lisa’s homeless vets felt right. This pattern is  Bonne Marie’s free  Shaker Rib Hat  and it works up quickly, fits well and is cool  warm!  Two balls of  Cascade 220 made three hats.  Susan has  inspired me with her selfless giving of hand knit  items since we first met. She is a great example.  If you have little or no time to knit for others you might consider the Heifer Project.    Wendy and Deb have buttons for donations on their sidebars and hope to collect enough to buy 10 baskets.  This is a very worth cause so take time to read about it if you don't know what it is.  Tis the time of year thoughts turn to those in need of what we seem to take for granted...the very basics of life.  Passing  along the blessings that you have been given is truly easy.

And bet ya didn't know I was an SP3...true.  I was a super secret pal to Kae.  It was fun to keep her in suspence.  Sandy had been my inspiration as she was a super secret pal to Heidi. She knew how hard it is to be 'in charge' and not know who is giving to you.  Kae has already made a hat from the last gift I sent.  How fun is that?!

It was (is) so much fun to read the 100 Lists that broke out all over blogland.  You learn of so many commonalities as well as the things that make us each unique.  An eclectic bunch we are who make up this blogstew.


cara's clapotis is absolutely gorgeous! i really enjoy watching that pattern get knit up in so many different yarns. they are all so different and beautiful in their own way. can't wait to see you knit it up. and i am just lovin' all this selfless knitting. i have to get started on some gifties too. i think i have some cascade somewhere too. i hope i can finish in time to donate, but i guess its never too late to donate really.

Aw, you must have something in your stash you could use for Clapotis. I was actually regretting swapping you the purple wool/silk yarn since it would be PERFECT.

Clapotis? Yeah! I loved knitting it,and I wear mine all the time. It never fails to get at least one compliment per outing (which NEVER happens to other things I knit, hmmm. . . ). Good luck staying strong.
And thanks for the hat tip; I completely forgot about that one. I need to make a few too for the Ships project. That pattern is perfect.

Great post, Margene! You inspired me with the hat idea - I might do them for my kids - I have the Cascade, why not?

I bought my Clapotis yarn at Rhinebeck. I am not sure about the colors. I let Gracie pick it. Kevin put up the Xmas lights this weekend and we thought of you. We used a Zen approach. I was trying to be Zen knitting the multidirectional too--with the silk garden but after the 3rd knot I said to heck with zen and put some green yarn aside for fringe. I hope you had a nice weekend.

thanks for the lovely and thoughtful post, Margene. Maybe you embody more Zen than you give yourself credit for! have a wonderful day and soak up that sky for me...

Margene, Clapotis is working it's way up to the top of my list as well... maybe when you break (well after your YNBA of course) down I will as well! Can't wait to see the yarn you choose.

I'm going to join you on the post-YNBA-Clapotis-along. I adore that scarf and ever since I saw it on Axelle's site using her yarn I decided that would be my first purchase.

Thank you SO much, Margene! Those hats will be wonderful, and you are wonderful for knitting them for this project. They are much appreciated by me now, and will be very appreciated by the homeless. Thank you.

And, courtesy of Susan at berrystained, a zen joke:

"Why can't Buddha vacuum in the corner?

Because he doesn't have any attachments."

I love the photos of the sunsets and mountains. How fortunate you are to live amongst such beautiful scenery.

Margene, do you know of this great book, "Mindfulness in the Marketplace"? It has some interesting essays from some of my favorite Buddhist writers on consumption and economics. Very good food for thought I think, and maybe just what you need to stick out the YNBA. It has essays from a number of different traditions, including zen, tibetan, and theraveda (the kind of meditation I do). As well as a couple random essays from people like that lady who sat in the redwood for two years. You should buy it... or actually maybe you should check it out of the library!

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