If It's Monday it Must be the Mountains!
Charybdis Clapotis

The Agony Odyssey of Knitting

Blazemealong This weekend's knitting left me feeling a little like Homer on his Odyssey*. The Siren song of Clapotis and perils of trying to knit Blaze were a bit like navagating Scylla and Charybdis.  I had made pretty good time while knitting the body, and the sleeves were completed in a snap.  But when it came time to put it all together...where was my brain, luck experience?  "What size did I knit the body?, What do the instructions REALLY mean when they say...?, OMG, I need to tink back two full rows!?, AGAIN!?"  My Zen was put to the test. 

Even though I had knit one size for the sleeves and a different size for the body, (a quick try on and it looks to be fine) it should fit together despite the size differences. Reading through the pattern I also found that there shouldn't be a need to change anything when making neck decreases.  No reason to freak out, dive into the frog pond loose my head a fourth second time. It is now knitting up quickly and I should make my goal of completion by Christmas.  Perhaps....

Blazingsanta There IS the 'little splash' which is causing trouble with the voices in my head attention span. The song of the Siren is getting louder and louder and my strength is diminishing. So I made Santa don Blaze as a distraction...just for a good belly laugh...it worked! For about 3 minutes.  Sigh.  Will Clapotis be my Charybdis? Will I make it through the perils of Blaze and continue on to the end without other distractions?  Will Santa like Blaze so much that he'll abscond with her it?  Will I continue to over use the new Strike Through feature? This is fun!

Will I finally take my lazy ass  make it out to do some Christmas shopping?   I'm not only living with 'Delusions of Grandeur' but also with the delusion(s) that everything will work out fine in the end. Another sigh. It's the Christmas Season! Enjoy, have fun, and pass the booze  punch !

*This is a very interesting site with a quick and entertaining explanation of Homer's journeys.


Margene - Blaze looks absolutely beautiful!! You should be so proud. I can't wait to see a picture of you wearing it.

Woot! Inna Blaze of Glory, peeps, Inna Blaze of Glory...I looked longingly at the pattern but was daunted. She's lovely!

Blaze does look beautiful. I love the pic of you knitting up in the mountains. I am sorry to read it hasn't been cooperating. I could have used a few strike over's in this comment. :) How long can you hold off on Clapotis? It is the uncertainty of the color I let Gracie choose (and the Christmas scarves) along with the other WIP's that is keeping me from starting!!

You are too silly! Blaze is looking great - and I think you will be done by Christmas. We can make a deal that I'll be done with Gloria and you'll be done with Blaze. And if neither of us are, we'll have a drink to celebrate!

OK, I'll bite... what does 'tink' mean? MAybe this is a pattern I will hold of until you have successfully finished and worn Blaze. Santa can't be the only one enjoying the fun.

Blaze is beautiful~ definitely worth all the trouble. I can't wait to see this one finished.

Ok, see I've looked at loads of Clapotis..clapotises?clapotii? and while they are lovely, this is the only Blaze I'm watching. So you see, I'm expecting to see a finished Blaze soon. (I shouldn't talk because despite my vow to settle down and calmly finish projects, Rogue is lying unloved while I worked on a boring sock and that got abandoned when the fibertrends sheep pattern came in.) Won't Clapotis be so much more enjoyable if Blaze is cleared off the list already? (did it help?)

The texture on that is simply amazing!

P.S. Just so you know, the picture of it on that doll made me grin so much it brought me out of my fringing woes.

Blaze is so close to being done, yay! You're not over-using strike-throughs.

I think over-using strike throughs is a sign of intelligence.

I LOVE Blaze! The color is so very pretty. Be patient with yourself. You're doing great!


Blaze is going to be one Heavenly sweater. She's beautiful! Everything will work out. :-)

you are too funny! thanks for the laugh. Blaze is beautiful.

I'm putting your name on the Clapotis knit-along list, just in case.

Your Blaze made the mock look pretty. I'm sure it'll be beautiful on you!

How cute Santa looks in your sweater!

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