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November 03, 2004


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My old bedroom is my mom's stash room. Consequently, I have a healthy respect for not letting one's stash get out of control. I agree that blogging definately has its effect on stash! So many lovely yarns to be seen...Your new Noro and Bliss yarns are lovely.

How lucky Murphy is! Rather than seeing the early am trips outside as a chore, you've found a positive aspect to the whole situation. Murphy's a very fortunate dog to have you happily accommodating him in his old age, and I bet that's part of what keeps him going.

elann caught me too!!!! omg... i have as tash now!!! it shoudla rrive soon:)

being online and a knitter does have its hazards lol!

have a super week!


Your story about Murphy was so sweet and nice. I'm up early too with my pups so I'm going to take a look for Venus tomorrow morning. And sorry, I am such an evil enabler! Mwaahhhh!

"It’s hard to hold back the needles as they want to dig in and get going on something new."

That is EXACTLY how I feel. And you're right, if I dig in and start a new project, I quickly get overwhelmed.

At last, pix of your kids. Lovely. My mother had 2 schnauzers - Oliver and Smokey... lovely dogs. Now to get my lazy rear out of bed to check out the eastern sky!! Thanks for the heads up (so to speak). And you know how much I love your mountains.

To borrow a friend's line... 3 things at a time? Amateur.

Elann = stash in a flash!

Don't feel bad, my stash is absolutely uncontrollable. I am beginning to think I should hide yarn in the freezer and in empty flower pots so that people won't see it out and think that I am crazy. And I never work on more than two projects at a time so you are doing better than me :)

And did you see the Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Mohair that Elann.com had?!?! I bought like 20 skeins of that stuff in this beautiful green color called "Swamp"! But let's keep that between you and me ;)

Gloria will be beautiful in that color combo. Great choice!

Hello - my toy poodle, who is only 10 pounds, never really got the hang of "you have to hold it x amount of hours while we are at work." Actually I think he gets so excited that when we get home that's when it normally happens. I found a product I have dubbed "Willy Wrap," but it is actually here www.markout.com. I use a lady's extra absorbent Poise Pad to catch any ooops. I have had them over 1 year now and they work great. Just an idea if he needs more help in the future.

- Rose

Elann is evil.

I've already sent a box of books to Cathy in CO for her to "hold" for me until we arrive in the west. Guess I now will have to start sending all the SLC knitting crew a box of yarn EACH to "hold" for me - and no fair using it while I'm not looking.

Here I am trying to De-stash when I read about the sale on cosmicpluto's (Laura) blog. All was lost after that. Yes, I've destashed but only to make room for two ribby cardies.

Sorry for being a 'very good' bad influence.

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