November 22 - Eve

Because you might be curious, by late afternoon yesterday our water was turned back on. A major repair will happen next week. Yes, again.


First things this morning I headed to the hospital for MRI.  Getting the MRI had taken a series of phone calls before the MRI department accepted the fact that the doctor wanted me to have an MRI. Everyone got on the same page, and now, it is done. The view of early sun on the Oquirrh mountains from the hospital parking lot made the trip worthwhile. 


As soon as I arrived home I decided to kick up the spirit of the season. My contribution to dinner tomorrow will be an appetizer, one I have never made, but it sounded too good not to try. I wrapped the sweet potatoes, got them in the oven to bake and will  make Sweet Potato Hummus this afternoon. This dish could be a hit or a miss. I'll keep you posted.


Next, I hung a new wreath on the front door. It is sparkly and looks like something from a Midsummer Night's Dream. I confess to being totally enchanted. I've opened the door a couple of times to check its lovely silveriness. How I wish my camera caught that sparkle.


I also hung a new wreath on the back gate. The swirling needles take up the whole of the width and, as I walk into the patio, I'll need to dodge the longish twigs of the outer edge. But, this wreath also sparkles with a festive sprit and I'm enjoying the happy feelings I get at the beginning of the season. 

The big box of lights, and other assorted Christmas decorations, has been pulled from the closet and I'll do what I can the next couple of days to make our home festive and bright. The lights are the most important thing, as the nights are so over long. Our days continue to be warm (65!) and clear (although, it may get a little hazy). As soon as the potatoes are out of the oven I'll be walking the trail, my knee in a brace, but walk it I must. The sun is too precious. 

May your day of prep be joyous and may it flow smoothly! Happy T-day Eve!!

November 21 - Tuesday

The first thing I do on Tuesday, after looking through my email and reading a few blogs, is head out the door to my water aerobics class. Tuesday and Thursday classes are at 8:15 and I like to have my exercise taken care of early in the day.  Smith has the day off today and we thought we'd make a quick trip to Costco after I'd washed off the pool smell. But, when I arrived home Smith told me we had no water. A water main break up the street has shut off our water and we're not sure when it will be back on. We have been through this a couple of times this summer and it's getting old, but aging pipes seem to be the culprit. 

Anyway, we went to Costco. I bought new glasses. Two pair. Unplanned but necessary.  I'm pleased as punch, as it's been six years since my last upgrade. We got a few more items, stopped for lunch on our way home and thought surely we'd been away long enough that the water would be back on. Nope. At this moment in time, the laundry is on hold, as is the cleaning of the bathrooms, and the shower I wanted to take to get the pool smell off of me.


The nice thing is it is 55 degrees (and rising) and since I can't clean or do laundry, I thought about taking a walk along the new trail, but, as it turns out, workmen have blocked the path because they are putting in crosswalks and sidewalks where the path crosses the road.  


I could sit on my patio and read with my new companion by my side. Isn't he darling? His happy continence just makes me smile and smiling makes me happy, as does clear blue sky and warm air. Tuesday is not going anything like I'd planned, but I think it's going well enough. 

November 20 - Maybe Monday


Embroidery has been a part of my life since the age of eight. My mother and grandmother taught me to stitch and I made a variety of small items, pillowcases, baby bibs, and samplers, over the next few years. This is a pre-post to sharing my thoughts on my evolutionary process in world of embroidery. Today I am working out my thoughts and, maybe, there will be more coming later in the week.  

November 19 - One More Sky


That was it. One storm, a foot of snow in the mountains and about an inch of rain in the valley. Then, poof, the sky was clear and the storm gone. Yesterday was cold, but the sun warmed the air and with a warm coat, a scarf wrapped round my neck and mitts on my figures, I was able to take a walk in the sun.


I walked our new trail, even had a few surprises along the way. The trail is on a 6' rise which puts above the fence line of most houses. A person walking by can easily see into yards that abut the trail.  It's a little disconcerting to come around a corner and see a couple sitting in a hot tub on their deck, steaming in the cold air. One does not wish to be a peeping Tom, but the yards are small and there are times you just can't help but see. When I passed by on my return, I was happy to see they had a privacy curtain around their space. They may well need it at all times. The canal and trail have always been there, but it wasn't well known and only, infrequently, use by people in the neighborhood. As word spreads, the trail will become better known and use will increase. I know I'll be walking it often. 

November 18 - A Week of Sky

November 5th

November, the month when evening light disappears rather quickly, as turned out to bring us some of the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Everyday the sky has been brilliant, the days warm and not very winter-like.  


Monday afternoon, about 4:00, Smith and I were in the garden (it was 60+!)n. The clouds had played with formations all day long and just before sunset they put on a show. 


This is what happened an hour later when the sun hit the clouds and lit them from below. The trees have lost all their leaves and their bones are bare unto the sky. What a sight the clouds and sun create together as they color the sky.


Tuesday's sky was clear, nearly cloudless, although the air was a bit chillier. I walked the trails of Wheeler Farm and thought how nice it will be when I can walk our new pathway and enter the farm from the back side. The trail from our trailhead will be a bout a mile walk to this vantage point.  


Wednesday's temperatures were back into the 60s and I walked over to the garden where Smith was spending his day off. How can you argue with a day this exceptional in the middle of November? This photo was taken from the far southwest corner of the garden. The clouds were forewarning of a storm.


And then it was Thursday, a day that was about as blustery as one you've ever seen, although it started with an amazing sunrise. High winds one day mean a storm is coming in the next. I could hardly walk along the new trail, as gusts kept buffeting me and stopping forward progress. The dirt field just beyond the horses where the new development will be.  *sob*

November 17 - Awaiting Winter


Our condo manager is doing his best to keep ahead of winter, but I think he may have jumped the gun. At least we know he's prepared for anything. Today it is pouring rain, but the weather people predict only an inch or two in the valley. Here's hoping we have snow covered mountains! 


Wednesday, I sat my whiny self down and faced my knitting problems. As it turns out (as it usual does), the problems were not as insurmountable as I'd pictured. There is no try, there is only do. I did. In a trice, my shawl was back on track and, Brickyard, while it took a little longer, is now moving forward, too.  I am still enticed by my AC T-shirt and may finish stitching round the leaves this weekend. Patience, my friends, I'll tell you more next week. 

November 16 - 3TT


Every day this week I could have shown you pictures of amazing sunrises and sunsets. For today's picture I had to run out of the house, nightgown flowing, slippers flopping, just to stand in the gusty winds (storm's a coming) to capture this bit of delight. 


I bought this amaryllis with so much hope and joy, but it has done nothing but disappoint. No buds, not one, only leaves coming up all sorts of places you don't expect leaves, and then, they just flop over without warning. The bulb has plenty of water, but flop go the leaves. A few days later they might start the process of standing upright again, only to flop down. I confess to trouting for the pot, which is white ceramic with a little red stripe. I saw Christmas blooms in my future, but sadly that appears not to be. I will vacating my house of this bulb and starting fresh, hopefully with better luck. This time I went big time with a double bulb planter and I'll find a new single bulb for this cute pot. 

Last, but not least, I bring you a new musical find. A few days ago I heard Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile's Guest DJ gig on NPR  (I'm a fan of All Songs Considered), which lead me to buy their collaborative album. After listening to it through a couple times I ended up humming Over Everything for the rest of the day. 

You can find more 1, 2, 3 Things posts over on Carole's blog.

November 15 - Plugging Along

Patty reminds me there are 15 days left of NaBlo.  I am trying to summon my inner blogging spirit to help me through. I am losing steam. Have I blogged every day? I wonder. Check to make sure. See I have and know I must go on! I can do this (can't I?)! 


I heard a movie is coming out next year based on A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle, and I thought reading the book might be a good idea. Then I heard there was a version in graphic novel form, so I bought it just for the fun of it. My enjoyment of manga/graphic form books came about a couple of years ago. A graphic AWiT will be a kick! 

Perhaps the main reason I wonder if I can make it though this blogging challenge is my enjoyment of Brickyard and my TTL shawl has waned. I've made errors on both and lost momentum trying to get back on track. It's the process, but my thoughts (due to Kym and Vicki's most excellent adventure) have been turned to my AC project and I've another in the wings that I'm excited about, too. 

I truly feel unraveled, but tomorrow is another day and we'll see where that takes me. Check out Kat's blog for more Unraveled feelings.